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About us

Upfront Software was founded in 1997. We create custom software for all modern web browsers and develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. We build software that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to use and handle large volumes of information. We use familiar user interfaces and procedures when programming.

Our Vision

The Upfront Software team shares a mutual vision: To maintain the company's independence by writing programmes that outperform any alternatives. We aim to learn and explore when we do programming and to write programmes that provide both functionality and aesthetic pleasure.



We use Python for the development of server side APIs. We make extensive use of Angular and React for the development of interactive web-based interfaces.

User Interface Design

We apply a pragmatic and iterative approach to interface and experience design that we test with real users of your application using properly design usability tests.


We provide custom hosting options for the applications we develop and have the necessary experience to scale your web application to support a global audience.


Once your application comes to life, you can rest assured that we can support the application while it is in operation.


Over the last two decades we have developed more than 300 software systems for a wide variety of clients in the educational, construction, medical, pharmaceutical, marketing, project management, engineering, legal and entertainment sectors.

Recent Customers

  • Compliance Institute Southern Africa
  • Emanti Management
  • EU Business
  • Flotron Technology
  • Human Sciences Research Council
  • Okacom Secrtariat
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Simpill
  • Siyavula
  • The Contemporary Gazette
  • The Shuttleworth Foundation
  • UNEP